At Ankyah, we believe that our greatest asset is our talented team of professionals. We prioritize their well-being and growth, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals thrive and contribute their best. We ensure a secure and rewarding journey with us, where every employee's success is nurtured and celebrated.

Employee Well Being

Employees are the assets of our organization. Each employee has unique needs and objectives, our holistic approach provides flexibility & support to our employees in practicing work-life balance through flexible working hours, work from home opportunity and 5 days working module. Empowered professionals are infact confident, energized and great performers.


Employee Engagement & Benefits

We at Ankyah, are proud of being an integral part of diversified Nation where we are privileged to enjoy the vivid array of festivals. The true gift of Mother Earth is celebrations and spreading happiness to employees along with their family, and planned leave with focused work-plan is also one of the benefits for employees at Ankyah.

Emp Benefit

Respect and Diversity

One of the best practices we at Ankyah follow without any prejudice is to provide equal opportunity. Our organization survey says that 60% of women employees are part of our journey treated with paramount respect and their safety measures are dealt with utmost care. Significance is emphasized on recognizing the technical capabilities of women employees and to restart their career post maternity break is also encouraged.

Employee Diversity